Friday, August 6, 2010

The Next Series: Music Themed

As an experiment for my next caps, I'm going to start playing my music on random. The Next 15 songs that come up will the titles for my next ten caps.

These will be cataloged under the tag "Mixdown Shuffle Caps"

The lucky songs are:
1)Darkness Approaching- Precure All Stars DX Soundtrack
2) Promise- Okami Soundtrack
3) Thin Red Line- BlazBlue Soundtrack
4)Caroline #1- Volbeat
5) The End- Dionysus
6) I Love the Night- Blue Oyster Cult
7)Ghost Love Score- Nightwish
8)Dancers on a String- Bioshock Soundtrack
9)Waking up in 1959- Bioshock 2 Soundtrack
10) You're Just My Love- Sailor Moon Soundtrack
11) Train, Everyday!- Tomica Hero Rescue Force Soundtrack
12) Rainy Rose- Kamen Rider Kiva Soundtrack
13) All the Myths are True-Abney Park
14) Behold a Pale Horse- Halo Soundtrack
15) Solitude- Kamen Rider Hibiki Soundtrack

These caps won't have anything to tie them together except being part of a collection. If this works out well, I'll do another set of 15.

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