Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Return!

It's been a while. Massage Therapy program at the college takes up a lot of my time.
 But with that coming to a close, I can put up more captions... Except that I don't have any. No outstanding requests, and nothing I've been working on.

I plan to change that. I'm going to do another series of soundtrack related captions. This time, I'll post up the names of a few tracks from each album, and let you vote on which one to do next.

Choice #1 is the Thing a Week collection by Jonathan Coulton, including songs like "My Beige Bear" "Re: Your Brains" and "The Big Boom"

Choice #2 is The Spine by They Might Be Giants, including tracks like "Au Contraire" "I can't hide from my mind" and "Prevenge"

Choice #3 is both albums by The Protomen including tracks such as "The State versus Thomas Light" "Sons of Fate" and "Breaking Out"

The last choice is Chapters from a Vale Forlorn by Falconer, including tracks like "Stand in Veneration" "Clarion Call" and "Lament of a Minstrel."

Place your votes in the comments. In three days, I'll start work on caps based on the winner.